Are you considering a conservatory… but not quite sure what you want to do with it? Conservatories are an excellent way to add extra space to your home, as well as bump up the value for less than it would cost to build a full-blown extension.

And not only will they bring extra space, conservatories will give you a room filled with natural light (and, don’t worry, our high quality materials will ensure they stay as warm any other room in your home!).

So, if you’re still on the fence, we’ve pulled together a list of ways to get the most out of your conservatory – and make sure it doesn’t just turn into an extra storage area.

1. Dining room

Wow your dinner guests with a stunning dining room. Make meal times an occasion again, away from the television and surrounded by the ones you love. The light and airy space is perfect for those special, candle-lit celebrations.

2. Play room

If you want your sitting room to remain your sitting room, why not use the conservatory as a play room? This is a great way to create a space just for your kids, to use as they please. It also means you can contain the toys in one place, as we all know how they can inevitably begin to take over the home as your family grows!

3. Sun room

Add a little sunshine to your day with a sun room! If your house is a particularly dark building, as many in the Duchy are, this could give you the added light you’ve been craving. Fill it with bright colours and make the most of long summer evenings and bright winter mornings.

4. Grow plants

Bring the outside in and fill your conservatory with beautiful indoor plants. Plants can give you the feeling of being in nature from the comfort of your home – and studies say they’re good for our well being too!

5. Office or study

This extra room can easily become a tranquil space, perfect for getting work and studying done in peace. Shut yourself away from the television and distractions of elsewhere in the house with the ideal office space.

6. Chill out space

Sometimes we just need extra space in our homes… to have some extra space. Fill this room with sofas, cushions and fairy lights to create the perfect chill out room. By day, drink your tea with the newspaper and by night? Get that much-needed glass of vino and play some of your favourite tunes.

7. Work out room

So, we all LOVE the idea of getting to the gym more, but do we always have time? This could be the ideal way to make sure you’re getting the exercise you need, without even having to leave the house. Forget the commitment and guilt of a gym membership and invest in your own work out room instead.

8. Kitchen extension

Do you love cooking and entertaining? A conservatory is a great way to extend your kitchen. Use fold-back doors to create an open space that will give you all the room you need for those dinner parties, and shut it away when you’re having a cosy night in…

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