A conservatory is the ideal way to add much-needed space to your home in an affordable way.

And not only that, the addition can only improve the value of your home!

Here, we’ve got some advice on what you need to think about before building your dream conservatory…

Planning permission

One of the key things you need to think about is planning permission. The majority of conservatory builds don’t need permission, but you may need it if, for instance, you are building on more than half of the land surrounding your home.

You also need to be aware of how tall your conservatory is, as planning permission may be needed if the build is taller than your current home.

Why do you want one?

This will be incredibly important when you are designing your conservatory. What will you be using this room for? Will it be a sun room? A play room? You may want the room to be filled with light, which would be best achieved with a glass roof, or you may prefer a build that fits more seamlessly into the build of your current home.

At this point, you will also want to think about the positioning of your conservatory. If you want this room to be filled with light on summer evenings, you don’t want it to be north-facing. However, south-facing conservatories tend to become very hot during the summer, so may require things like blinds and air conditioning. You can utilise a warm roof system to maintain a steady ‘room temperature’ throughout the year, making you conservatory more of an extension and new room, rather than a traditional conservatory which has usability issues dependent on weather and temperature.

Budget and materials

When thinking about the materials you want to use when building your conservatory, it’s important to establish your budget first. To do this, you must consider the above factors and decide what is really achievable when designing your dream room.

You may want to be more eco-friendly, but will this fit in with your budget? If your home is a period build, does it make sense to have a glass roof and risk it not fitting in?

Here at Levick and Jenkin, we can give you all the help and information you need to create your perfect conservatory – to meet you financial requirements.

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