It’s all in the name really – Solar glass is a thing!

Here at Levick and Jenkin we want to help you keep cool during the summer heat, but also keep your house looking stylish and modern.  That’s why we offer solar glass for your windows.

Now, you’d possibly think with solar glass, windows would be dark and not let any light in…however that is not the case.

Solar glass has been designed and manufactured to allow the passing through of light while reflecting and radiating a huge amount of the heat from the sun.

We feel it’s important to make the most of the daylight we have available, so the solar glass we use is picked to maintain as much natural light as possible whilst also having the benefits of solar control technology.

So – how does it work?

Reflect, Transmit, Absob….These are the three mechanisms involved

Technology within the coating and the glass itself reflect a large amount of heat that comes from the sun, meaning that the amount of heat entering through the windows is limited significantly.

This is residual heat that is transmitted through the glass into the property.

The glass itself will absorb a large amount of heat which, added to the amount of heat that is reflected adds up to a significant reduction overall.

Contrast the above with winter heat that you want to keep inside, solar glass ensures that heat inside remains in your home.  This is due to the air gap that lies between the panes of glass not allowing heat to escape – which is quite common, even with some sealed double glazed units.

If you are interested in chatting through your window options, give us a call on 01326 377582 or email and we will be happy to help.

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