With spring finally sprung we can all start to dream of those long days outside, BBQ’s and making the most of the Great British summer. There is little better for that late evening sunshine than retiring to a modern conservatory with friends and family. The real joy of the conservatory is that you may, dependent on size, height and other measurements, require planning permission.

Your conservatory offers a great extension of your house whilst having the ability to bring the outside inside by connecting the house to the garden. It provides a space of relaxation with a multitude of uses; from dining room to reading room.

Here at Levick & Jenkin we have real experience in designing and building the best conservatories to take advantage of your home and garden, here are our top ten recommendations for 2018.

1. Victorian Style: A real favourite of our clients and customers. The Victorian conservatory is both appealing in terms of design and its flexibility in layout – giving you so many options to build the perfect conservatory.

2. Oak Edwardian Style: Usually built as either a square or rectangle, the Oak Edwardian style conservatory merges perfectly with your home and offers truly panoramic viewing of your outside spaces.

3. Hipped Back with Bi-fold doors: For fans of a more minimalistic design this conservatory lets in oodles of light and merges the boundaries between the outside space and your home. You can feel like you are outside even when the weather isn’t playing ball and the bi-fold doors make the transition to garden space truly effortless.

4. Full Glass with Twin Box Gutter: This style of conservatory allows you to fit an extra space on even bungalows and low-level cottages. It also, because of the twin box, can be fitted into tight corners. Superb insulation will cut condensation and the design allows for a pitched roof to increase space.

5. Gable Fronted: This style has rather more obvious design characteristics, with the pitched gable front that lets in plenty of light and gives a real focal point to the design. Inside, this design also gives a feeling of maximum space and impressive vistas to the outside world.

6. Lean-To Conservatory: A really flexible yet simple design concept. This type of conservatory is suitable for pretty much any property type and will give you an extra rectangular floor space. You can elect for ‘all-glass’ or one with ‘dwarf walls’ included, although this option is slightly more expensive.

7. P-Shaped: Combining Victorian and Lean-To style conservatories the P-Shaped conservatory has limitless layout designs. Electing for this conservatory will allow you to have a truly unique room, one that seamlessly blends into your existing home.

8. T_Shaped: Much like the above options, the T-Shaped conservatory combines two highly flexible elements to create a custom solution. Using the Edwardian and lean-to conservatories will give you a hugely stylish room for larger properties that maximises the extra space to create essentially two extra rooms. You really need a larger plat or garden to be able to fully realise this style of conservatory, but it is a significant addition to your home.

9. Insulated Roof Technology: You can add insulated roofing to an existing conservatory, or let the experts install it as part of a new build. This technology will ensure that the conservatory remains usable all year, with a steady temperature regardless of the outside weather.

10. Crossover Extension: Somewhere between a conservatory and a more traditional ‘extension’ this style combines block and building work with glazed conservatory elements to create hugely impressive light and airy extra space between your home and garden. This is essentially an ‘orangery’ and would need a partnership with a traditional builder to deliver the project.

If you are looking to install a conservatory in Cornwall this year then drop us a line and talk to our friendly professional team. We’ll ensure you know everything you need to know to make informed decisions and design and deliver your dream extension.

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